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"Liz helped me turn my life totally around, both personally and professionally.  I’d completed a Master’s Degree, with a career in a corporate environment and felt totally trapped and desperately unhappy.  I’d realised I’d been working so hard to climb a career ladder to success and found that the ladder was up against the wrong wall!!   I had to keep earning, I couldn’t just stop and felt anxious and overwhelmed.  Liz helped me identify a way forward, I clarified what I enjoyed doing, what areas I wanted to explore and took some small steps towards investigating a new career for myself.  That was 6 years ago.  Today I look back in amazement at the journey I've been on.  I’ve retrained as a psychotherapist, have my own company and I have a career that I love, am passionate about and that makes a such a difference.  I'm also earning more than I was in a corporate environment.  I can’t recommend Liz enough.  She’s warm, compassionate, astute, and effective and I’ve found her assistance and interventions life changing.  If you want to make the rest of your life, the best of your life, then work with Liz.  For me, her help has transformed my life and I will be forever grateful.    

 Karen H. 

“I approached Liz when I had reached a crossroads in my career and didn't know - and couldn't figure out - which path to take. This had led to me becoming ineffective in my role as I could not see the way forward.  It was having a negative effective on my work and seeping into my personal life.  Liz helped guide me through my potential options and clear the mist. With her help I worked out my strengths, what I could do and what I definitely did not want to do! I then set milestones and timeframes against my options which was invaluable.  I would thoroughly recommend working with Liz if you have found yourself in a similar position.”

Rhiannon R.

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