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'Life' is a pretty big topic and Life Coaching is just as broad. We all tend to know, though, when something really isn't working for us - when something needs to change, when we're repeating the same old patterns or are just stuck.  This can happen with some of the big things in life like work, relationships or a big change in circumstances that we're finding hard to come to terms with. And it can also happen with things that might seem less significant on their own but which have started to cause us real problems e.g. organising our time, competing priorities, setting realistic goals.


Life Coaching is a focused approach to personal development aimed at helping people appreciate their strengths and overcome obstacles to make positive and lasting changes in their lives.


My aim is to provide the supportive, motivating and inspiring environment that my clients need to figure things out, see what is truly possible and realise their true potential.

The miracle doesn't come from the whole of life turning out just perfectly, but from finding the resources to manage what comes our way. 

Whatever the issue, you can get some clarity and motivation for change by taking the first step and scheduling a session. 

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