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Know where you're going and have a route in mind.


With some thought - or perhaps straight away - we can often come up with an answer to what change we would really like to be able to make in our lives and then spend some happy moments imagining how life at work or at home might be if we achieved it.  And that is where, for many of us, the goal-setting ends.  


Firm Foundations Goal Setting is focused on every aspect of the ‘dream’.  If we think of the ‘dream’ as being the destination, then Firm Foundations Goal Setting is the map.   It ensures that:


  • the destination exists (i.e. that the dream is realistic)

  • you're going as far as you can go (i.e. that your goal is sufficiently ambitious) 

  • you have the route (i.e. that you have identified each stage of the process to achieve the goal)

  • you know what you need to pack for the journey, the transport you'll need to arrange, the pit-stops you'll need to make (i.e. that you have absolute clarity around each of the mini-goals that make up the foundations for reaching the ‘end-goal’.

Firm Foundations Goal Setting takes place in one 2 hour session rather than over a series of meetings.  However, it is always possible to use this session as a base for short or longer-term coaching. 

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