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We all know how it feels to want something to change and yet just not feel able to make it happen. Uncertainty, anxiety, external stresses and a lack of confidence can stop us from following through or even making a start.  It is amazing what can be accomplished when we are able to really focus on what needs to change - and when someone is alongside us in finding out and supporting us in taking the necessary action.  That's what lies behind 'Icandolife' - a belief that life is for living, that we have the inner sources to handle more than we think we can, and that we are meant not simply to survive, but to thrive.


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Life coaching can make a real difference - to the way we feel about ourselves and what we offer, to how we understand  ourselves, to our resilience in dealing with challenges and to how well we come through change.  My aim is to give you the space and support to identify your goals, work towards them and take on whatever challenges may come your way.

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Let's face it - we spend a lot of our lives at work and we're bound to go through the occasional 'downs' as well as 'ups'.  But it's different when we know that something really needs to change for us to feel we're progressing, fulfilled or valued and yet we don't quite have the clarity, motivation or confidence to get started.  If this is you, then coaching can provide real support in looking at what's going on, your options and the action that you can take. Change can happen. 



So - 'What would be great?' 'What change would make all the difference right now?'  'If you could feel a real sense of achievement and fulfilment in six months time, what would have happened?' These are all examples of questions that help us think about our goals (our ‘just might be possible’ dreams).  And a goal is essential as a starting point.  But without ‘firm foundations’ being laid for how we get there, without truly focused goal-setting for all the stages along the way, the dream is likely to remain just that: a dream. 

Our Firm Foundations Goal Setting coaching is a focused, comprehensive approach which ensures that the dream goal is supported by well thought-through foundations which provide a clear, realistic and achievable plan of action. 

Whatever you’re struggling with, I’m here to help you achieve your goals. Contact me to find out more.

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I have been working as a certified coach since 2007, specialising in helping people identify their personal and professional goals, realise their ambitions and bring about change. For me, coaching is about supporting you in turning:  'if I could only....'  into 'I did it - now, what's next?'  It's about helping to bring about the shift in motivation, attitude, behaviour or belief that enables you to take the first step towards change, followed by many more.  


Whatever the challenge you face, I offer my professional experience, compassion, empathy, natural encouragement, common sense and good dollop of humour (when needed!) to help you start and complete your own journey through change.  

You can take the first step by simply getting in touch


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“We rise to great heights by a winding staircase of small steps."
Francis Bacon
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Cardiff area  - Miskin, South Wales


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